Why become a food vendor at Sunset Mercantile?

Here's why!  

  • Test new recipes and ideas with the public
  • Expand your business with built in traffic from the market
  • Expose potential customers to your product by providing samples.  It's a great way to connect with community and actually find out what people like and want.  Customers love to taste food and talk to the actual producer!
  • Great location!!  The County Fair Building is at at 9th and Lincoln Way...at the main intersection of the park and of one of the busiest neighborhoods in the City! Otherwise knows as the "Gateway to Golden Gate Park"!

10x6 Food artisan Courtyard spaces are only $100 (ask us about TFF fee sharing). Food trucks and 10x10 street food vendors are $100 plus 10% percent of sales. We limit the amount of food vendors at our events to be proportionate to  expected attendance so that all fare well :-)

*Table and chair rental available.  6 Foot table is $15 and chairs are $5 each.We have limited amounts of these so please specify in the form below if you would like one.

Simply fill out the registration to the right and we will send you an invoice once you are confirmed.

The deadline for submitting TFF applications and

payment for our March 26th event is March 6th.

Here's the Dish…….